Comprehensive range of LWIR cores

As specialists in uncooled camera cores in the infrared domain, Device-ALab provides true SWaP cameras, ready for integration into electro-optical systems or devices.

SmartIR and IrLugX TM LWIR camera series cover resolutions from 80x80 to 1M3 pixels and include the most recent microbolometric detectors of either 34, 17 or 12 µm pixels. The generic design of the cores enables versatile implementations, de facto reducing risks and development time for OEMs, Integrators, and Solution Providers in defense and commercial markets.

IrLugX1M3™ / 1M3E™

Thanks to its amazing compactness and outstanding resolution, IrLugX1M3™ series enable the enhancement of electro optical-systems performances: obvious benefit is DRI (Detection Recognition Identification) a key factor for long range observation platforms in Search and Rescue or surveillance of sensitive areas for plants, border.

Its generic design ensures easy integration retrofit of existing E/O systems in defense and security.

MicroCube640 / 640E

Device-ALab latest generation of thermal cores in 12µm pixel pitch feature true SWaP design and cover main standard interfaces, including USB-C or MIPI-CSI2.

Size, weight and power altogether make this European-made thermal core the ideal candidate for all applications where consumption and/or footprint are key factors, namely UAVs, UGVs and robot-type platforms, as well as handheld devices and all battery-powered equipments.

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